Wednesday, July 23, 2014


A few days ago I warped my loom with a quick project, this pinwheel twill scarf in a Bamboo/Silk blend yarn. This was another one of those situations that I had heard bad things about the warp yarn, that Bamboo breaks easily and sheds from the friction of the reed, but I decided to forge ahead anyway because I wanted to do a project that used 8 shafts.

Thank goodness the threading and treadling are simple because I'm having a heck of time keeping the two shuttles straight and interlacing the second color threads along my floating selvedges. I'm ending up with lots of lumps and bumps on the right hand side. Also my sett seems a little loose even though I had wrapped the yarn on my sett gauge and it came up 9 epi and I went with 10 just to be sure. Now it looks like 12 might have been a bit better. I've had to really lighten up on my beater and the blocks are still not coming out square. Also this yarn is too slippery for the 4 warp floats and it bumps up distractingly. Also I think I could have gone with two colors that contrasted more and that would have helped some. But this is all a learning process. Next time I weave this pattern I'll also start threading on shaft #5 and end on #4 since that would put no warp floats on the selvedge and would eliminate some of those lumps and bumps you see there. Onward!

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