Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Making Socks

Socks in 'Radiant Lime'

About two months ago I decided that I really wanted to learn to knit, but all I've wanted to do was make socks. Many people told me that socks were hard, and that I really had to have some experience with knitting to make them. So I've been busy making swatches of different kinds of stitches and playing around with yarns. I even make a rather large mobius cowl using seafoam stitch which came out pretty well. Anyway last week as I was lamenting my desire to make socks, a friend in my spinning group gave me some instructions from a class she used to teach on making socks. She also helped me select needles and yarn to make the socks. But most importantly, she offered to help if I got stuck. Well after a week of knitting like a crazy person (it has been at or above 100°F all this week--perfect knitting weather) I finished my first pair of socks and boy am I chuffed about them! Making the socks was a paradigm shift for me...so many things about knitting clicked into place with those socks. So expect to see more socks in these pages....another thing to do with my handspun yarn!

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