Friday, January 29, 2010

Under the Weather

Today nothing much got done. Seems I am trying to come down with something so am taking it easy and hoping I dodge this particular bullet.

The last few months have been a busy time. I've been in the process of finally trying to set up a printmaking studio in our storage building. It's been a major deal to go through all the junk that has been stashed in there over the last 12 years (and I'm not done yet!). We had boxes that we moved here that were never even opened. It was a eye opening process to see how one's priorities have changed (i.e. why did I bother to pack and move this stuff up here???). Anyway the process has advanced to the point I've actually spent a lot of time the last few days in the studio doing drawings for new prints.

And now I actually have heat! My DH found a very nice pellet stove and installed it last weekend so the place can now be made cozy without wearing 6 layers of clothes. But the most symbolic event for me was unwrapping and cleaning my etching press. It's a beautiful press made especially for me by The Griffin Company in Oakland, California. Now for the shameful admission...It has been also sitting here for 12 years under a bedsheet. So yesterday was all about removing the plastic and degreasing the bed in preparation for printing. I am really looking forward to spending time here.

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