Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pre-Holiday Obsession and Clarity

In the months before the Christmas holidays I was pretty absorbed with this...

A baby quilt for my niece Amy. I spent about 10 months looking for fabrics and thread to make this quilt. I even went ahead and used some of my hand dyed fabrics to fill in the blanks in the design. I enjoyed working on it once I got over the usual hump of sitting down and starting the quilting. The machine quilting was probably one of the best jobs I've done to date. My miters on the binding were perfect in all 4 corners (!). But something was nagging in the back of my mind.

I realized that I'm spending far too much precious time making 'traditional' designs in fabrics I love. What I really need to do is start making the designs that are in my head. Things that don't involve rotary cutters, high speed sewing machines and fusible web. This has been on my mind for quite some time. I've been following the blogs of Judy Martin and Jude Hill and I've started to see a new way to work with cloth. A slower way. A hand made way. So I've joined the Slow Cloth group on Facebook. Look for some out of character (for me) pieces here in the next year or so.

Of course I won't be giving up my annual wintertime Kaffe Fassett brain drain because it's therapeutic to see those colors when the outside world is so grey and bleak.

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