Wednesday, March 19, 2008

February / March Challenge

I thought it would be good to put up this picture of my most recent challenge quilt. I belong to a group called Rogue Art Quilters who take on periodic challenges to use particular fabrics, fibers, and themes and then create a piece that reflects this. This particular one was for a candy-themed challenge to coincide with the Chocolate Festival in Ashland. Sandy Globus, owner of a very nice quilt shop called Fabric of Vision, initiated the challenge by passing around a basket of different candies. Each person was to choose a candy and then create a piece representing that candy. There was a particular Martha Negley brown bow fabric that had to be used and the quilt could not have a traditional binding. My chosen candy was Lifesavers. So I created this quilt. It uses several techniques including paper piecing, fusible applique, hand and machine quilting and trapunto. I enjoyed doing this challenge and am now working on the current one which I'll talk about later. You can see more of the candy quilts while they are hanging at Fabric of Vision until the end of March or online on Karen Bates blog.

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margaret said...

This is fun! If Lifesavers doesn't already have a blueberry flavour, they need to get one right away!