Monday, June 21, 2010

Changing Light

With all the unusual weather we've been having lately the light has been spectacular. Most days I find myself running for the camera to catch it before it fades, which only takes seconds. Now I think it's best if I keep the camera with me when I'm out. These photos are not doctored...this is the way it really looks. My husband calls it a 'Maxfield Parrish Sky', I think watercolors...

Today is a strange Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. We have yet to have a day in the 90°s, which is unheard of. Plants and trees seem confused, not knowing what to do with this cool weather. Peonies and iris are still blooming a month later than usual. Warm weather plants are languishing, waiting for things to heat up.

I've been busy in my studio working on another challenge piece. I'll show it when it's finished. Needless to say it is pushing me, not only by working on it, but by keeping up with all the ideas that seem to be generated when my mind is otherwise occupied. Looks like it could be an interesting summer.

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