Sunday, May 23, 2010

Painting Fabric Again

I've been busy while I've been away from the blog. I took two more fabric dying classes in Ashland and have been savoring the results. The first class was a low water immersion class and I need to take photos of the booty, but the weather here has not been cooperating. We've either had rain or windy sunny days. Hard to keep fabric pinned down when it's windy. Today we had a break in the rain so I washed out the five painted pieces from yesterday's class in thickened dye painting and hung them on the line. I really went crazy with some wacky ideas that had been floating around in my head since the last dye painting class I took last fall involving potatoes, stamps, etc. I love the look of these hanging outside in the sun. And I think I'm in love with the smell of Synthrapol. :D More photos in the next few days....

I have to write a bit about our weather which has been very strange lately. The last two nights we have been below freezing -- 23° on Friday night, 29° last night. Then on Saturday morning while driving over the Siskiyou Pass to Ashland and my class we were caught in a blizzard! I am really ready for summer to start in earnest PLEASE. My flowers and grapes have all been severely nipped by the frost and it's so frustrating!!!!

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