Saturday, April 10, 2010

IFJM - April 9, 2010

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aine scannell said...

What sweet gulls and your trip sounds so interesting and so many good things to observe and enjoy !!

Jill - the book, that I referred to on my blog, is
"Intaglio" by Robert Adam and Carol Robertson published by Thames and Hudson. They came and taught us a course at FDPW where I also keep the blog.
I knew them from when I was doing post grad printmaking studies at Wimbledon in London anyway .......and even before that from when I used to go up and visit my friend Birna at Edinburgh Print Workshop - happy days !! I was still living in London at the time.
The book is totally excellent .....the best printmaking instructive book I have bought. It's not cheap but well worth it, I mean to be well informed about what's out there NOW if you are doing printmaking.

What's also nice is that there are lots of inspiring artwork examples - which I always appreciate.
best wishes