Monday, September 8, 2008

3 Day Marathon Overload

I am toast. Been recuperating from a 3 day marathon class with Sherrill Kahn in Ashland, Oregon this last weekend. Sherrill has boundless energy and spent 90% of the time demoing techniques and answering questions. I was feeling a bit overloaded after the first day but got started on a piece and by the second day I was well along with a second one. That evening I did 'homework' on both pieces to get them ready to be made into final wall hangings or ???. I spent most of yesterday adding embellishments to the first piece (the orange one shown below) which I was fairly satisfied with. The second, black piece did not get so far. But I am ready to do more painting to create fabrics to go with it. It was a long three days but very much worth it as far as learning new techniques. More pictures are on my Flicker photostream here.

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